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About enterprise Hog Slat Ukraina (Hog Slat Inc), OOO

Hog Slat Inc. - it is the company providing a full range of production and services both for small farms, and for large pig-breeding and poultry-farming complexes worldwide. Representative offices are located in the USA, the South and Central America, Europe and Asia. Except the retail centers with an available warehouse of spare parts the company possesses own metallurgical production that provides to her clients the favorable prices of the metal equipment.

Main activities of the Hog Slat Inc company.:

  • production and sale of the equipment for pig-breeding complexes and poultry farms, technical support, service and repair
  • cultivation of pigs on own research pig factory farm
  • construction of modern controlled pigsties and hen houses of the closed "turnkey" type

2004 - Hog Slat Inc. expands a field of activity, having opened Georgia Poultry Equipment subsidiary which main area of work: production and installation of the equipment for poultry farming.

2006 - Hog Slat Inc. begins the activity in Europe, having opened office and plant on production of slot-hole floors to Arad (Romania).

2008 - Hog Slat Inc. opens the second European office and a warehouse in Poland for the purpose of service of pig farms of Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

2011 - Hog Slat Inc. opens offices in Ukraine and Russia.

Hog Slat Inc. in figures:

1000 people - a staff of the company + 1400 people of the subcontractors occupied on construction
9300 sq.m - the area of the production center of the company
907 000 kg - the mass of the finished steel goods which are weekly made in the company
900 000 pieces - quantity of the slot-hole floors produced annually (the typical size of 1,2 m x 3 m)
600 000 heads - an annual livestock of pigs on own pig-breeding complexes of the closed cycle
27 000 heads - total of sows of the Hog Slat Inc company.



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